In this post I will answer a question I receive a lot from homeowners. What is the Best time of year to Home in Sarasota, FL?

Sarasota Bay

Sarasota Bay

For those of you who have been living in Sarasota for a while you know that there are a lot more people here during the busy season than the off season. This certainly has an effect on Real Estate. What is the effect?

It depends on whether you have a house or condo, where it is located, and the price of the property.

First let me define the seasons: January through April is called the busy season, high season or sometimes just “the season” March is the busiest and in April people start leaving after Easter. Almost all the seasonal residents are gone before June. October through December many seasonal residents start coming here, but you don’t see the majority of then until January. The seasonal residents are sometimes called snowbirds and you won’t catch any of them here during our Summer Season, June through September.

Seasonal residents will often times prefer a condo to a single family house. There is less to maintain and it is usually safer to leave it unoccupied during the Summer months.


Condos will in general receive a lot more showings during the busy season than the off season. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that there are more condos on the market to attract buyers attention. The second reason is because there are lot of people in town visiting. The majority of potential sellers conclude that the best time of year to put their condo on the market is when they will receive the most showings. In my opinion that is not necessarily correct. The quantity of showings you receive doesn’t always matter. What matters is the number of showings you receive from buyers who are specifically coming to look at your condo and are ready to buy. In the off season many potential buyers may not be in town but the ones who are serious don’t stop looking and will fly down if they see something they like. In the off season there is going to be less competing condos on the market. This could help you because the buyers will have less choices if they need to buy. There is an advantage to putting your condo on the market during the season but it doesn’t make enough of a difference to wait if you want to sell.

Single Family Houses

Families normally prefer a house to a condo. What surprises many people is that the Summer(June to early August) can be a great time to sell a house. A lot of families with kids like to move in the Summer when there is no school. January through April is also a good time because there are a lot of people in town. September and December are traditionally the slowest months. A single family house attracts both permanent residents and seasonal residents. The location of the house plays a big role if you are looking to choose the best time of year to sell. Houses on Longboat Key aren’t normally sold to families with kids. Whereas for example in the subdivision of South Gate there are a lot of kids.

I hope this post gives you some helpful information on the Best time of year to sell Home in Sarasota, FL